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    The highlight of my day aside from finding my outfit for the photo shoot…

    I was walking along Yonge Street and saw a homeless man outside, so I went into the Tim Horton’s and bought him a large coffee and a bagel. I walked into Starbucks about ten minutes down the street and ordered a coffee and to my surprise, the barista stated she saw what I did for the homeless man while she was on her way to work and wanted to buy me my coffee. I explained she didn’t have to do that and that I do that a lot, and don’t expect anything in return. She said it was nice seeing him smile as she often sees him out there and not many people stop and talk to him, and she was happy to see that I did. 

    I try and do nice things for people not for praise, but because that’s how I was raised was to be kind to others and to try and make people smile. I learned from a pretty brilliant woman that a little kindness goes a long way. 

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