2. This is my inspiration picture to keep going and get me back on track.


  3. What could have been a really stressful day turned into a better one. I really do love what I do at my weekend job and would love the opportunity to be there full time. I feel confident at what I am doing, comfortable and know that what I do is appreciated. 

    I know I like it there, because I am constantly smiling and its had a positive affect because I have a lot of them tell me that its nice to have someone smiling and positive around. I just love my job. 


  4. Butterfly’s…

    I go in for my interview today. I had postponed the last one due to being sick, but I am feeling great. I am also feeling confident. I have my outfit picked out and ready to go, make up done, hair done. I had a great faux interview with a friend of mine who has worked in banking/corporate environments and I feel prepared. Just gotta breathe and relax and kill this interview. I still have butterfly’s in my stomach though..


  5. Things are going to get better from here on out. I can just feel it. 


  6. Love these shots! She looks so confident and pretty!

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  7. Thick

    I was talking with a friend of mine today and we talked about being plus sized and the various words used to describe ‘voluptuous women’ and I have decided that I no longer consider myself ‘fat’. To me, it often feels like it has a negative connotation. Instead, I am ‘thick’ and I like that I have some meat on me. I want to stay a curvy girl, regardless of how much weight I lose. 

  8. I love my ‘girls’ in this dress. Feel pretty darn good. 

  9. First picture is from my cousin’s prom night. I was her date! And the second photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. Loving how I look, and I want to make sure I go out and be proud of who I am from now on.