3. UniqueVintage.com

  4. I love PinUp Girl Clothing. That red skirt pictured in the middle - LOVE. And the animal print dress. I don’t know why, but I am really liking animal print recently. Expanding my horizons I guess. 

  5. Unique Vintage Dresses I love. 

  6. Chic Star dresses….loving the black one in the middle especially. 


  7. Next year, I am hoping to be able to do a retro inspired/pinup girl photoshoot. I want to be super confident when I do it, and that is still a work in progress. 

  8. I am in love with four fabulous dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing…


  9. Love these shots! She looks so confident and pretty!

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  10. Love this black dress!!
    Such a gorgeous curvy figure!!

    Sherferene A modeling new looks I love from SexyPlus Clothing. I love that she is a beautiful curvy model with full hips, thighs, butt and bust. 

    The black that she wears in the top photo I tried on myself and I felt INCREDIBLE in it, even without shapewear. I love this store way too much lol I have built up quite a collection and appreciation of dresses since I found this store. 

  11. The dress I was meant to wear for the Beautiful Women Photo Shoot that I bought from SexyPlus Clothing….Can’t wait to wear it this Spring/Summer!! I finally get to experiment with the retro inspired look I have been wanting for a while!!

    The material is nice and light cotton and flows away from the body perfectly and I love the visual interest of the red at the waist and the halter straps. When I wear this I think of my cousin Colleen and her love of color and it makes me smile. 

  12. In my heart I will always love this style. I would love the opportunity to start buying and wearing it. :)

  14. Dixie Dots Dress! SexyPlus clothing! :)