1. My day off- spending it in my robe, hair tied back and no make up. I need days like this :)


  2. My plan for tommorow (my day off)?

    - Breakfast

    - Gym

    - Laundry

    - Relaxing and knitting some more scarves. 

    - Food preparation for the next day. 

    - Drink lots of water. 

    - Eat absolutely no crap or bad foods, eat smaller portions. 

    And last but not least, getting an early night since I have to go work early in the morning quite far from where I live. 

    Will let you know how I go with sticking to it. It’s time to stand up and make myself accountable and love myself again. 


  3. Aside from laundry, I intend to relax at home tommorow. I am not going to beat myself up over not going the gym. I am feeling sick, and need to just rest and try and kick this. 

    Time to start with the positive affirmations again. No room for negativity anymore. Thank you fellow tumblr’s for your support!

  4. Not the best quality since I took it on my blackberry, but I loved the natural light and I felt kind of pretty. :)